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I wanted to post a non-instagrammed version of my table. I painted it all today. The whole thing took me one listen of Book of Mormon and one listen of Avenue Q (and yes I gauge time by soundtrack length) 

I had seen a really great tutorial on Nine Red HERE and I couldn’t get it out of my head so I knew that needed to try it. I had this table in my basement that my mom picked up at Goodwill for my new apartment so I asked my dad if I could give it a little makeover. 

The octagon shape didn’t lend itself to triangles like the original, which was disappointing, but I eventually settled on just doing squares instead (Which was much easier than the triangles would’ve been!) 

It was really simple, though. As a bonus, my dad sanded it for me while I was at work this morning. I measured out 5.25 inch squares across the table with painters tape, then I brushed on two to three coats of various colors in each of the squares, waited for them to dry, and peeled off the tape! I’m going to varnish it tomorrow when it’s completely dry so it will be durable. Because we all know those 59 cent acrylics from Michaels don’t hold up too well. 

But that’s basically it! I hope you guys like it. And I hope my male roommate next year doesn’t mind the pastel girliness too much :P

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